DIN 24 Degree Male Heavy


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Heavy Metric Plug Kit comes with these plugs, unless otherwise noted:

  • -6S Plug M14x1.5 – qty 2
  • -8S Plug M16x1.5 – qty 2
  • -10S Plug M18X1.5 – qty 2
  • -12S Plug M20X1.5 – qty 2
  • -14S Plug M22X1.5 – qty 2
  • -16S Plug M24X1.5 – qty 2
  • -25S Plug M36X2.0 – qty 2
  • -20S Plug M30X2.0 – qty 2
  • -30S Plug M42X2.0 – qty 2
  • -38S Plug M52X2.0- not in kit

Order the complete kit or individual pieces.

Additional information

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-10S Plug M18X1.5, -12S Plug M20X1.5, -14S Plug M22X1.5, -16S Plug M24X1.5, -20S Plug M30X2.0, -25S Plug M36X2.0, -30S Plug M42X2.0, -38S Plug M52X2.0, -6S Plug M14x1.5, -8S Plug M16x1.5, Complete Kit


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